Hastelloy Products

We are listed among the top Hastelloy Products Manufacturers and Suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Hastelloy Products offered by us are popular for resistance to general corrosion, pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular attack, and stress corrosion cracking. Our Products are fabricated using premium qualuy Hastelloy C22, which offers strength and durability to them. Hastelloy C22 plate is available up 2" thick. Butt-weld and forged fittings are available or can be manufactured with short lead times.


Hastelloy C22 Provides Resistance To :

  • Corrosion
  • Pitting
  • Crevice corrosion
  • Intergranular attack
  • Stress corrosion cracking


Hastelloy C22 Contains :

  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum
  • Tungsten
  • Iron
  • Alloy Is Formed Using
  • Gas tungsten-arc
  • Gas metal-arc
  • Shielded metal-arc processes


Specifications :

  • Sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .038 to .141". Hastelloy C22 strip in coil from is available in lighter gauges up 12" wide. Hastelloy C22 plate is available up 2" thick.
  • Bar is available in wrought bar up to 11" diameter and larger sizes and shapes may be forged to order.
  • Seamless pipe is available up to 2" NB. Larger sizes are available in welded construction (100% X-ray) and can also be fabricated to order. Hastelloy C22 tubing is available up 2" OD in welded & 1/2" OD isn seamless construction. Hastelloy C22 redrawn tubes and tubing with tight tolerances can be supplied in almost any size no matter how small the size or quantity.


Widely Used In Industries Like :

  • Marine
  • Power
  • Chemical processing
  • Pollution control
  • Paper processing
  • Waste disposal


Hastelloy C276 - UNS N10276

HALLMARK METALLICA is the principal manufacturer and exporter of the Hastelloy C276, which is highly reckoned in the worldwide markets for its robust construction and reliable performance.



  • Nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in severe environments
  • Tight tolerances
  • Robust construction
  • High performance


Used in

  • Pollution control
  • Chemical processing
  • Pulp & paper production
  • Waste treatment
  • Sour gas applications (NACE MR0175)
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) applications for
    • Scrubbers
    • Dampers
    • Ducts

Available In

  • Thicknesses Ranging
    • From .025 to .120"
  • Strip in coil is provided in Lighter gauges up 24" wide
  • Plate is available up 3" thick
  • Bar is provided in wrought bar up to 12" diameter
  • Seamless pipe is available up to 6" NB
  • Larger sizes are available in welded construction (100% X-ray)
  • Redrawn tubes and tubing
  • Butt-weld and forged fittings
  • Larger sizes & shapes may be forged to order


Type Hastelloy
Quality Optimum
Material Metal
Size 6 mm to 120 mm.
Thickness 1.0mm – 200mm
Use Industrial